Panashe Madzudzo

Developer - Innovator - Creator

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I am an Pan-African innovator and problem-solver who has a passion for designing, developing and learning about new technology that I can use in working on engaging projects and starting up disruptive businesses.

My interests include robotics, computer science and business management. I collaborate with young entrepreneurs and innovators in Africa and around the world to better improve the way we think, innovate and create products/services that provide solutions to problems faced in our own communities.

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Alain Raap

"Panashe is a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur who loves to learn new knowledge and discover new opportunities. When I first spoke with Panashe I gave him some advice how he could reach out to other people and how to start networking. A few years later I was surprised how he was grown as a person and as an entrepreneur. I'd like to recommend Panashe and, get in contact with him and help him in his journey as an entrepreneur."


(MOS)Microsoft Office Specialist World Championships 2017

"Follow your dreams"
Certiport's theme for the 2017 Microsoft World Competition


Climate is changing. Food and Agriculture must too #WFD2016VIDEOCONTEST. I enjoyed as well as learnt a lot taking part in this competition!